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City Blocks


About City Blocks

This is an open source game, where you are able to build your own game world! In our game, you can find strange objects, walk around and build your own unique blocks out of them. Your goal is to build a complete city block with the given resources. This game is free to play. You can build with your own blocks, but you also get to use different prefab blocks available as in-game purchases. Key Features: - 3D simulated world - Beautiful graphics and animations - Easy to understand game mechanics - 40+ different types of blocks - Unlockable achievements - Perfect for relaxing at home - No in-app purchases or ads - No third-party ads or tracking - No social pressure to share You can play our game without any internet connection, but it is recommended that you have one. The game is online and doesn’t require an active internet connection to play it. We do not collect any personal data about you, your device or your usage of our game. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact us at [email protected] with “City Block” in the subject

Explore the exciting terrain of the City of Blocks! You are a tiny builder who has the ability to change a 3D world into a cityscape in the blink of an eye. By stacking and matching blocks of different shapes and sizes, you can build a city from scratch. You can even add roads, buildings and towers for an impressive skyline. Use the mouse to place blocks. When two or more blocks of the same shape are in your city, they merge into a new block. The more blocks you put together, the bigger your city gets. The bigger your city, the more points you earn. Enjoy the excitement and challenge of this unique 3D city building game. Follow the in-game tutorial to learn the basics in no time. With simple rules, yet challenging puzzles, this game will keep you coming back for more. Be the best city builder in the world! How to play: – Click on groups of three or more blocks to create them. – Connect blocks with their sides touching to make a new block. – Connect blocks with the same color to merge them. – Click on a block to place it. – Drop a block on another to merge them. – Click on a road to create a road in your city. – Click on a building to add it to your

You are a builder and a builder of blocks. Build a house, street or a city block. You can lay down regular blocks, or build with any of the special blocks like a stair, a gate, a car, or a garage. Get creative and put in any other blocks to make the most out of your home or city. A city block is like a cube, with each side being one unit of length. Build a house with 3 floors, build a skyscraper, or build a house that covers the whole block. It's up to you how you want to build your city. Use the simple controls to lay blocks, or use the more advanced ones to build more intricate and more fascinating cities. The included 3D models for the houses and the cars help you get a better picture of how your city will look like once

In this game you have to build the city with the blocks in the most logical way. You can build a city with the blocks of the same color or the same shape. Try to make the city compact and build only one block at each corner. The city is more logical if you build it in the same way as in the real world. The game has several levels and you can build from the third level. The game has a good graphics and a great gameplay. So, check it out and have

Do you love puzzle games? Do you like to build structures? Do you want to learn logic skills? Then this game is for you! Explore 3D blocks and build the best possible structures in City Blocks. Combine blocks in different ways to create the ideal building. There are numerous levels to complete. There are two game modes: Relax mode where you can take your time and Enjoy mode where you have to complete the level as fast as possible. Check out the help screen for more information about the game. Also, if you’d like to support me, you can do so by sharing this game with your friends and family or by rating the game once you’ve finished it. The more people who play this game, the more content I can add to it and the better it will be for everyone. So thank you very much for


How to play City Blocks

Using Mouse


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