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Shell Shockers


About Shell Shockers

Gun Simulator is a first-person shooter in which various firearms can be used on a variety of battlefields. Aim, fire, and reload your weapon as you attempt to avoid being killed by bad forces. There are three playable modes in this game. In Gun, players have access to five distinct firearms across all of the game's maps. Additional weaponry, such as grenades, explosives, and tanks, are available in some maps. You can also unlock new maps through in-app purchases or by sharing your GPS location with appropriate hashtags on social media networks. The second option is Bullet Time, in which players can slow down time by employing weapons with bullet time effects and aiming precisely at foes as they flee their attack or flee swiftly. The final option is Blood Money, in which players can gather cash by killing adversaries and use it to purchase new weapons, equipment, and things for an improved gaming experience.


How to play Shell Shockers

Controls Gamepad is now supported! WASD to move Left-click to shoot E to change weapon Q to throw a grenade R to reload Space to jump Shift to zoom and aim


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