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The Impossible Quiz


About The Impossible Quiz

There are many ways to increase your knowledge, but what about testing your knowledge? If you want to test your knowledge and challenge yourself, there are plenty of games for that. Knowledge is power, so why not test yourself with a little brainteaser game? It can be challenging for everyone, but the good news is there are many different ways to test your knowledge. In this article, we will take you through some of the best quiz games out there. the impossible quiz is fun and easy to play at the same time. They provide an opportunity to engage with others and compete against them as well.


InXile Entertainment designed and published The Impossible Quiz, a video game in the Entertainment genre. It's an astonishing logic puzzle video game in which the player's ultimate goal is to complete the quiz by providing a response in a set amount of time. It may appear simple, yet it is difficult to accomplish. The majority of the questions are multiple-choice, but there are a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

Hundreds of questions are included, including both classic originals and never-before-seen brain teasers. To advance in the game, the player must correctly answer all of the questions. This is a fantastic game with loads of intriguing features like Facebook integration, audio, and video recording, a scoreboard, and achievements. The game has a lot to offer.


The game is a difficult mental exercise. You'll have to answer really difficult questions in this game. You will have three lives to play with at the start of the game. However, until you know and memorize the answers, your life will swiftly drain the first few times you play.

You must complete the game's 110 questions in one sitting, with no checkpoints in between. You will acquire Skips along the way, which are green arrow-shaped Power-ups that allow the player to skip specific game questions, albeit they are technically useless in this game because the player must save them all in order to beat the game's final question, Question 110. Also, keep an eye out for bombs on specific queries.


This is a mind-blowing puzzle-solving online game created and developed by Splapp-me-do and his team. It was released in 2017 as Flash Online. 2019 has been re-released using HTML5. You can play online games for free on any tablet or phone.


There are many different ways to test yourself and challenge yourself. A quiz game is one of them. These games can be as easy or as hard as you want them to be, and they are perfect for both beginners and advanced players. They are fun and challenging and can be played at home or with friends. There are many different quiz games out there, and they are perfect for anyone who wants to test their knowledge and challenge themselves.


With the computer: use YOUR MOUSE to choose the correct answer.

With a phone or iPad: directly touch the result of your choice.

It's quite simple to figure out how to play the game; the real question is whether or not you can beat it. This is a quiz-style game in which some quizzes have several options while others challenge you to think outside the box. Select the answer you believe is accurate with your mouse or finger. Some answers necessitate some thought and dexterity, while others are just a matter of luck. You only have three lives, so make the most of them. You must restart if you lose all of your life. As you progress through the quiz, there will be some trial and error, but that's part of the fun!

There are 4 answers for you to choose from, of which only 1 is completely correct. Pay attention to the time in the game and try to give the answer in the allotted time to achieve a high score.

If you have a difficult question that cannot be answered, click "skip" to pass it and proceed to other questions. However, you are only allowed to use it 7 times in this game. You only get 3 wrong answers in this silly and fun puzzle game. If you exceed the number of times, you will have to start from the beginning. To learn more, visit the website at the impossible quiz

How to play The Impossible Quiz

Using mouse to choose the right answer

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