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Wrong Way


About Wrong Way

Wrong Way is a driving simulator. The objective of this game is to drive through the city and demolish anything in your path. Initially, it is difficult, but as you advance through the stages, it becomes easier. Pay heed to signage and road markers, as some barriers are more difficult to hit than others. To improve your score, attempt to crush multiple objects simultaneously. It is vital to avoid colliding with other vehicles or objects in this game, as you will lose points if you do. You can modify your vehicle by purchasing upgrade items from the shop using cash earned from destroying objects on the level or by winning bonus rounds after completing a level, which can earn you additional cash. Ensure that you complete each level before unlocking it so that you do not become stranded on a level while subsequent levels are unlocked. While driving, there are numerous impediments that you could potentially strike. Continue practicing until you master it!


How to play Wrong Way

The game controls can initially feel confusing to use. The WASD keys are utilized to control camera movement. Additionally, the right mouse button can be used to rotate the camera.

To select an object from the toolbar menu, simply click on it, and then click it again to place it on the map. To rotate an object, click on it; it will turn red and the rotate and remove icons will appear.

Each component can be individually positioned and rotated. Combining line segments automatically can prevent the creation of erroneous paths. Ensure that the road segments form a suitable circuit to prevent collisions with cars traveling in the opposite direction.

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