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Drift Boss


About Drift Boss

Drift boss is a drifting game where you have to drive your car through tricky curves and obstacles without falling off the platform. Try to get as far as you can to earn coins and get a high score.

How to play Drift Boss

Drift boss game has a simple game control. All you have to do is to left-click to make your car go right and release it to make it go left. Timing is the key to winning the game. You need to click at the right moment to make your car go in the right direction and avoid falling off the platforms. The game features various tricky corners, spots, and bumps. There are even some narrow places that require players to have precise judgment when turning their cars.

While this game has simple game controls, it takes a lot of practice to become good at drifting around corners. The further you get, the more coins you earn. So try to get as far as possible to get more coins and unlock different vehicles including trucks, police cars, and many more.

Drift Boss game is an endless drift game. And the difficulty also increases as you drift forward. Try to drift and get as far as you can to get a high score and become a drift master.

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The game has two different rewards:

Daily Rewards: You will get a reward each day.

Spin to win: This is a random prize that can occur at any time. It can be boosters or coins.


Before starting the game, you can select among the different boosters available including:

Double Score - Your score after a round will be multiplied two times when you select this booster. This booster costs 25 coins.

Car Insurance - You will get two tries in a game. This means that if you fall off the platform, you will respawn once more. This booster costs 50 coins.

Coin Rush - You have to collect all of the coins on the track. This booster costs 75 coins.

Game Features:

Simple game control

Different vehicles to unlock

Daily rewards

Can you become a drift master in Drift Boss game?

Game Controls

On Desktop:

Hold the spacebar or left-click to make your vehicle go right.

Release the spacebar or release your left mouse button to make your vehicle go left.

On Mobile:

Tap on the screen to make your car go right.

Release to make it go left.

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