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Dirt Bike MotoCross


About Dirt Bike MotoCross

The game Dirt Bike Motocross is simple and addictive! You are a professional mountain bike racer with a squad of your own. Your objective is to make your racing team the greatest in the industry. To do this, you must train your riders as rapidly as possible and ensure that they are always race-ready. In order to determine who has the fastest time, your riders will compete against one another at several training camps. This allows you to identify new potential and create your team by signing the best available young riders. However, other organizations are after these young stars as well. They may even be willing to reactivate their retired athletes in order to once again surpass you and become the premier dirt bike training camp. Build your crew with care, seek out hidden potential, and compete vigorously to secure your position as the top boot camp in the field.


How to play Dirt Bike MotoCross

Using Mouse


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