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Draw Bridges


About Draw Bridges

Draw Bridges is a fun arcade game where players have to draw paths for vehicles. Can you use your creativity to draw bridges, reach the finish line and become a master bridge builder? It's time to find out! You can draw a bridge or a single line — make sure you prioritize safety. The art of building bridges requires a great deal of technical skill and the most careful thought. It's not enough just to connect two dots. It is necessary to take into account the laws of physics, think about whether cars can cross this bridge and whether it is suitable for pedestrians. The bridge must neither go uphill nor tilt down, the bridge must be held firmly and not be weighed down if there are many vehicles passing at the same time. Upgrade and change your vehicle to get through situations where you are blocked in a bridge level. There are tons of challenging levels with different types of backgrounds to ensure the fun is always on. You can play the game anytime and anywhere you want! Draw bridges and drive your car to safety!

How to play Draw Bridges

Drag the left mouse button to draw a bridge.


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