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Derby Crash 4


About Derby Crash 4

Derby Crash 4 brings together all the hallmarks of the series into one package: intense, high-speed racing action, an immersive 3D world, and lots of destruction. If you love demolition derbies, then you'll love this one. In This game, you get to control a hotshot tank, complete with a rotating turret and Gatling gun. This game features a variety of destruction that will appeal to fans of the series and those new to the genre. If you like playing games with a strong emphasis on destruction, you're in luck. If you love high-speed racing, you're also covered. But if you simply enjoy playing games with loads of destruction, then you should definitely try out this

Crash your car into other cars to cause as much destruction as possible! This one is the latest car demolition game available for your Android Phone or tablet! Test your luck in this high-speed demolition derby against the computer opponents or challenge your friends to see who can destroy the most cars in Derby Crash 4 ! This game features: - Realistic car physics, ensuring that every crash creates a unique chain-reaction - Multiple game modes to keep you playing for hours on end - Online leaderboards through Scoreloop, to see how your score compares to others - Intense multiplayer races against up to 8 opponents at once - Prove yourself as the demolition master by completing the challenge mode and unlocking all the cars! Download now and start destroying some

Time to get your Derby on! This one is the latest installment in the Derby series. Build your own car from the ground up and take on other racers in an endless battle for glory! Use money earned from racing to upgrade your car. Spend wisely to tackle each track in your Derby car’s kennel. Gain sponsors and unlock new parts, tunes and paint jobs. Rebuild your car into a beast and take on the world in this endless arcade racer! Features • A ceaseless arcade racer – Pit your driving skills against the clock in This amazing game ’s single-player campaign. • Build your kennel from the ground up – Choose from six unique car types, upgrade each one and customize their paint jobs. • Gain sponsors to progress – Earn money from racing to upgrade your car. Spend wisely to tackle each track in your kennel. • Derby your opponents – Compete against players from across the world in a one-on-one Derby. • Derby races galore – Race other racers in an endless race to the finish. Build your kennel and upgrade your car to win. • The world is your kennel – Tackle eight varied Derby tracks and duke it out on the streets of Derby. If you like racing games and like to spend some spare time with a cup of coffee, why not try this game?

The Derby Crash series has recently gained a new lease of life, with the announcement of the fourth game in the series. First released in 2008, the original game was a bold experiment for its time. Featuring a minimalist art style and a focus on simple, fun gameplay, it’s easy to see why the game has become such a beloved cult classic. Following in the footsteps of his father, who competed in the first Derby Crash, Vincent Derby wants to prove that the Derby family name is as good as the first one. Vincent’s grandfather made the family fortune with his invention of the Derby-Meter. This handy tool measures the stress of a job, and when attached to the collar of an employee, it can even be used as a lie detector to catch out bad apples. Unfortunately for the old man, the Derby family curse strikes again. When he’s testing the Derby-Meter on his grandson, Vincent unwittingly activates the device. Suddenly the walls of the laboratory start crumbling, and Vincent is sent hurtling towards his grandfather’s tomb. With no other choice, he takes up driving a car again and heads to the Derby Downs. The Derby family’s old home track is being revived by a new racing league. The action takes place over the course of a weekend, with the final race being held on the old Derby Downs itself. Racing through the gates, Vincent gets himself involved in a chain of events that will change

We all know that Derby is the hottest racing game in town right now. The developers are constantly working on new content and the game is getting more and more popular by the day. If you’re looking for a game that will push your racing skills to the limit then you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we show you how to crash and destroy derby in 3 simple


How to play Derby Crash 4

Controls "WASD" or Arrows = drive "Space bar" = handbrake "Enter"= unflip "C" = change camera view "R" = repair "T" = time frame "L" = unlock mouse when driving tank Terraform Controls WASD = move Camera Left Mouse Button (hold) + mouse axis = rotate camera Left Mouse Button (hold) = drag terraformer shape Middle Mouse Button = increase/decrease deformer height 1 to 5 Key = modify terrain


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