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2 Player Police Racing


About 2 Player Police Racing

Monstertruck 2 Player Driving - a racing game in which you can drive with an AI or another player. You will face different tracks, traffic and weather conditions to keep each race exciting. Your goal is to finish the race by overtaking your opponent's car at the finish line and in turn reaching the checkpoints. Drive carefully, because if you crash, it will be difficult for you to get back on track again. The game has multiple cars for single player mode and also multiplayer mode for two players. So there will always be plenty of opponents for you to fight against. Drive carefully and overtake other racers before they can overtake you! There are also different police forces with different racing styles: Racers who prefer open highways and country tracks; Tactical police love the zigzag lanes; Speed ​​riders prefer long, traffic-free trails; Speed ​​cops prefer short sharp turns and criminals are naturally drawn towards city streets, where they are harder to catch


How to play 2 Player Police Racing

Using Mouse


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