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Crazy Drift


About Crazy Drift

Crazy Drift is a multiplayer car driving game with stunning 3D graphics, realistic car models and high speed car chases. Players race against each other on drifting cars on a variety of tracks and layouts. This amazing game will give you hours of entertainment as you challenge your friends or others to beat your best times on any track or location in the world. The game features several game modes, including single player challenges and multiplayer races with friends. Test your driving skills in various drift car locations around the world by taking on challenges from Cycling to Countryside, hilltop tracks and more! Drive with friends and play together against AI or other players from around the world. You can also test your skills alone against AI cars in Time Attack mode. In addition to a variety of vehicle models, This includes several customization options for every car if you want to make your ride unique from the others (accessories, colors, wheels. damage any car. And if you run out of lives in a multiplayer match, there's an option that lets you keep playing until everyone runs out of lives again!We're happy with our game I have been positively received by users all over the world.


How to play Crazy Drift

Controls WASD / arrow keys = drive Space = handbrake F = NOS G = Slow-motion L / K = headlights Q / E / Z = indicators H = horn C = change camera view B = look back Shift / Ctrl = shift gear manually


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