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Traffic Jam 3D


About Traffic Jam 3D

The Traffic Jam is one of the most furious races ever. You are in a car and your objective is to reach the end with as less time as possible. The road is filled with other cars which are out to beat you at whatever cost. You will have to avoid them by driving at insane speeds and also keep your car steady at those speeds. Do not let anything or anyone destroy your concentration while you drive or else it's game over for you! Traffic Jam 3D is a 3D car racing game that enables real-time 3D graphics on your mobile phone. It offers you an experience like watching a video game instead of playing one on your phone. Players can choose from 10 different tracks in this free version of the game, but they can unlock 40 more tracks if they own the full version of the game. Every track has its own unique design, which makes every race slightly different than the other one. There are also different types of cars to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses against other cars on the road. You need to be aware that some vehicles have better acceleration, others have better brakes and so forth because every type of car has a specific purpose in this fast-paced racing game called Traffic Jam.


How to play Traffic Jam 3D

Using Mouse


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