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Smash Karts


About Smash Karts

The 3D multiplayer kart fighting game Smash Karts has a variety of different weaponry and powerups. In order to achieve victory in combat, players have access to a variety of weaponry and the ability to modify their karts. In either the split-screen or online multiplayer modes, the game can accommodate up to four players. Maintain a high rate of speed while engaging your foes with a variety of attacks. But be careful! They will launch another onslaught. Maintain your position on the track and continue driving in order to win the race while accumulating power-ups to eliminate your competitors. Ready? You may take on your friends as any of your favorite characters, or you can design your own character and customize it anyway you see fit. Either way, you get to choose who you fight as. Playing this incredible game also gives you the opportunity to compete in tournaments, find new friends, and have a great time.


How to play Smash Karts

Controls WASD or arrow keys to drive Space to fire weapons


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