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Ninja Hands


About Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is a fast-paced 3D action game where you play as a ninja and destroy everything you see. It is a fast-paced single-player action game set in feudal Japan with a focus on fast, smooth gameplay and challenging obstacles. The goal is simple: collect as many coins as you can while avoiding rocks and smashing through walls. You can move left and right, jump to avoid falling objects and throw shurikens to attack enemies. There are many different enemies and traps that you need to avoid. In each level there are three hidden Golden Statues that give you extra points when found. Each level also has special hidden tiles that pave the way for the next level when all of them have been found. In easy mode, there will be only one hidden ninja in each scene for you to find and destroy. In hard mode, however, there will be more than five ninjas lurking in a scene. Good luck!


How to play Ninja Hands

Controls QWER = launch spells T or Y = special spell Hold the left mouse button = move direction Left-click = use in-game buttons


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