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Racing games are all about speed, skill and quick reactions. Dashcairo is all about speed. Dashcairo is a massively multiplayer online racing game in which you race other players trying to be the last player standing. You do this by completing challenging tracks in an attempt to earn as much money as you can. Between races, you can upgrade your car, repair it, and even customize it. But that's not all, you can also build a bunch of tracks to play with. You can build custom routes using different elements like sand, water, ice, etc. These tracks are completely open to players and can be built by anyone. You can even build your own tracks if you're a little artistically gifted. You can download tracks created by other players or create your own. Again, you can play alone or with friends and family. You can play locally with friends or team up with people around the world. Now that you know what niche you're in, dive into its world and enjoy.


How to play

Drive Controls W / up arrow key = accelerate A / left arrow key = move left D / right arrow key = move right S / down arrow keys / space = brake R = restart from checkpoint Backspace = restart from the start Build Controls Displayed in the game


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