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Colorful Racing


About Colorful Racing

Have you ever dreamed of racing through city roads at night? Of course you have! It is a basic human instinct to want to blend in with nature without making it scary. Well, that is the feeling you will get playing this spooky racing game where you are racing through the streets of an old abandoned castle. Yes, Colorful Racing is a racing game, but not like the ones you've played before. The cars in this game are old abandoned cars with a life of their own and they want to be free again. They are trying to escape from the old mansion before it is too late and the last car can leave. The mansion may be old and abandoned, but it's also very colorful and filled with hidden passages and secret rooms, giving you the perfect backdrop for a spooky racing game. Oh, and did we mention that the old mansion is also haunted? You will race through the old castle at night, with the cars being yours only. This is when the game begins. You're about to ride in a car colored in a unique style, with era-specific items and mysterious, spooky places. If you're ready to embark on a trip back in time, read on to learn more about this.


How to play Colorful Racing

Using Mouse


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