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City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate


About City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate

In this game you can control a car and drive it on the road. You will have to stay on the right side of the road and avoid colliding with other cars. Be aware of other drivers and look out for obstacles while driving. You will have to drive through different cities and when you get there you will have to follow specific routes and collect different vehicles. Drive safely and avoid collisions with other cars. Make sure you follow the right path. Pay attention to other cars and obstacles while driving. In the game screen, there will be specific routes that you must follow. Watch out for other cars and reach the finish line safely. Ultimate City Car Driving Simulator is a challenging game where you will have to drive a car as fast as possible and through different cities. Unlock new vehicles, new challenges and discover lots of cool things in City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate.


How to play City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate

Controls WASD - Arrows = Vehicle Controls Space = Handbrake F = Boost C = Change Camera ESC = Pause/Resume Q/E/Z = Indicators L/K = Headlights B = Look Back


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