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City Car Driving Simulator


About City Car Driving Simulator

Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things a human can do. Even the most proficient drivers have a one in four chance of dying behind the wheel. The odds are even higher if you are driving a heavy vehicle like a car in the city. Online car driving simulator game gives you a chance to hone your car driving skills and reduce your risk of being killed on the road without endangering your life. There are many different types of car driving simulation games and city driving is one of them. City Car Driving Simulator is a car driving simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a city car driver. You drive through the city and have to avoid collision and drive safely. The game has 5 different worlds and more than 100 challenging levels. It is very good for practicing car driving skills and keeping alert on the road. There are several car driving simulation games on the market. CanCity is one of the most realistic and challenging virtual driving games for Android. If you want to learn more about car driving simulation game and want to know more about our game, read this article carefully.


How to play City Car Driving Simulator

Controls WASD or arrow keys to drive F to use nitro G to use slow motion Space bar to use handbrake


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