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Road Crash


About Road Crash

You’ve just had the worst day of your life. Not only did your favorite football team lose in the final match, but your beloved uncle was killed in a freak car accident right before your eyes. The only good thing that happened today was that you got the chance to play the new hyper-casual racer called Crossy Road. Crossy Road is a game about jumping from roof top to roof top, racing through the streets of different cities and avoiding crashing into traffic, buildings and other cars. The core mechanic of the game is about tapping to jump, swinging your finger horizontally to cross the road and tapping again to land on the other side. Sounds easy? Well, you’ll learn that it’s not as easy as it sounds. With the massive amount of content and diverse routes, playing Crossy Road can quickly become a nerve-wracking affair. On top of that, the game also includes a number of in-game purchases that can be used to unlock new characters and levels. That being said, is it worth your hard-earned money? Let’s find

You’ve just finished the last stretch of the race and crossed the finish line. As you’re about to reach the finish line you turn around to see that someone has come up from behind you. You don’t know who it is or what they’re doing but you can see that they’re coming at you fast. You make the split second decision to hit the back of their car and make the other driver lose control and crash. But you hit them too hard and they’re thrown out of their car. As they fly through the air, you hope they’re okay. The car flips over and explodes in a ball of flames. You survived but at what cost? You’re now lying in a broken up car in the middle of a road with a few signs of life pointing you in the right

In this game you are in a car and there’s a crash coming. You need to drive your car without crashing it. If you crash your car, you will lose. It is Hyper Casual Racing Game, Avoiding the Car is Hard and Very Thrilling Race Game. You need to tap the screen to steer your car and avoid the other cars. Keep the car at middle of the road to avoid crashing the car. There are some power-ups like nitro, boost and turbo available. Collect the stars for extra points. Have

Race, crash and dash your heart out in this exciting new car-racing game from the creators of Super Mario Run! Tilt your device to control the car’s wheel and accelerate, brake, and lean around corners. But watch out for other cars and obstacles! Obey traffic laws to finish in the top of your league and unlock new tracks and cars. Race against friends and see who can finish the track first – with

Your objective in this game is to drive as fast as you can and not crash. The more you crash, the slower your speed. So, it’s up to you whether you want to risk it and try to go as fast as you can, or if you would rather try and not crash as much. Crashyroad is a game by Hyper Hippo Games. This game is basically CrossyRoad but with a different setting, and a different


How to play Road Crash

Description Crash all the cars on the road while driving to the finish line! Bump them off the road to get coins and buy more vehicles. Merge cars in your garage to unlock even more powerful ones! Will you become the most fearful and reckless driver of them all? Features: Many different cars to unlock and more to come Simple controls to ride your car smoothly An insane amount of coins and destruction Instruction Move your mouse left and right or use keys to steer the car. Use your mouse to merge cars


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