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About RealDrive

Drive your car and avoid hitting obstacles in this 3D real driving simulation game. RealDrive is a new realistic driving simulation game where you have to drive a sports car, overcome challenging traffic and avoid hitting road objects. The road is full of cars and different types of trucks making your mission more difficult. To complete the mission you need to pass all the red checkpoints. If you hit any other object or vehicle then the mission will fail. Again try to keep a safe distance from other cars and drive carefully to get to the next checkpoint. Monitor speed indicators, accelerometer, fuel level, and RPM warning lights so you don't run out of gas or overload your engine. Drive as fast as you can without breaking any laws and obey traffic signs to reach your destination safely. As you progress in the game you will unlock more difficult levels and new cars to drive. You also have to avoid traffic, observe police officers and collect coins to unlock new levels and cars. And if you think that's all - you're WRONG! There are many challenging missions waiting for you.


How to play RealDrive

Controls WASD or arrow keys: drive Spacebar: handbrake F: Nitro B: locking the front wheels for burnout


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