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Plane Racing Madness


About Plane Racing Madness

Playing the game "Plane Racing Madness" is enjoyable. Fly between treacherous circuits while exploring this fascinating 3D landscape to win the race. As long as you can, fly while joining the lethal turns. Play a customized world war two aircraft in a demanding racing environment with thrilling levels, power-ups, and accurate 3D physics. The top simulation game for warplanes available! This game is an old-school racing arcade game. You'll have to compete against other aircraft in this game to demonstrate your proficiency as a pilot. Before time runs out, you must sprint through various tracks to the checkpoints. You will receive money for each successful race you complete or win that can be spent to improve, get a new car, or fix an existing one. There are various different game types available in this one: - Arcade mode: To unlock every car and racetrack, you must defeat computer-controlled planes in this mode. - Championship Mode: In this mode, you will fight against players from across the world to be crowned the best in that position by outscoring them or outperforming them with your best round.


How to play Plane Racing Madness

Using Mouse


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