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MadDriver - Crazy Stunts


About MadDriver - Crazy Stunts

Are you ready to drive on the edge? Prove your skills while driving this crazy car and complete crazy stunts to get points! Crazy Stunts is a 3D sled game with physics. You have to drive through challenging tracks filled with obstacles and dangerous turns, and try not to let your car crash in the process. There are 50 levels, each of which gets harder as you pass them. This is a difficult game that requires quick reactions and good hand-eye coordination. Are you ready? Get in the car, fasten your seat belt and drive as fast as you can! This game is not for cowards. You will have to drive through narrow passages, avoid obstacles, put your car in roundabouts, dodge traffic cones and much more. If that's not stressful enough for you - an angry cop will try to catch you at every step! Prepare yourself for one of the most challenging road tests!


How to play MadDriver - Crazy Stunts

Controls WASD or arrow keys = steer the car and control the driver in flight Space = handbrake F = nitro (purchases in the garage) Hold left-shift = increase power to throw the driver Release left-shift = throw the driver out of the car C = change camera view R= restart level Left-click = interact with the in-game button


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