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Highway Racer


About Highway Racer

Highway Racer in the city. No, not you. Everyone else in the city is playing your game! It’s virtual highway racing at its finest, and you’re the best. Drift your ride as fast as you can and dodge traffic. The faster you go, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more upgrades you can buy! Upgrade your car and buy new vehicles to get around the city faster. Your friends are out to get you. They’re always competing against you and giving you advice on how to be the best. But why should they get to be the best? You too can get a BMW and a racing license! Can’t wait for the highway? You’ll never have to again with a racing license! Make your own race tracks and traffic jams to get better and cheat your friends at the same time! If you love highway racing, you’ll love this

This game is a driving game where you have to race other cars on highways. Avoid other cars, collect coins, upgrade your car and have fun! In this game, you will have to avoid other cars on the highways and collect coins that will help you upgrade your car. If you aren’t the one who loves driving games, this might not be the game for you. Apart from the challenge involved, it’ll also give you a chance to meet new people and maybe even make new friends. If you’re the one looking for a game to keep you busy during the long holidays and weekend nights, you should definitely give it a

In this game you have to avoid other cars on the highway without crashing. It's not as easy as it sounds! You can only drive on certain parts of the highway and there are other cars trying to do the same! Make sure you don't crash or you'll lose the game! This game is a 3D car driving game. The goal is to avoid cars and other vehicles on the highway. It's not that easy because there are other cars trying to do the same! Make sure you don't crash or you'll lose the game! Play this game with your friends to avoid the other players and stay in the

This game is a game where you need to avoid other cars while racing on a highway. The race will take place in different locations such as cities, houses, and other highways. There are also many traffic cars that will try to block your way. Try not to crash with another car and to complete the race as soon as you can. Upgrade your car to be even faster and avoid the traffic cars to win more races. Good

In this game you can drive a car in various challenges. each level has a specific goal to complete. you would have to drive the car in the specified path avoiding other vehicles and other objects. avoid other cars and other vehicles and objects. upgrade your car to be able to drive it at high speeds for longer distances. avoid other vehicles and other


How to play Highway Racer

In this improved version, you can play four different game modes including a fun bomb mode in which you drive a truck that is loaded with a bomb – if you take damage or a heavy impact, the bomb will explode! Use the money you earn in all four game modes to unlock new vehicles and customize your cars. You can even play a multiplayer version and race against other players! Release Date February 2018 Features Many car models, from the classic sedan to modern sports car Four game modes as a single player Multiplayer mode to compete against players worldwide 3 weather options Smooth car controls Platform Highway Racer is a web browser (desktop and mobile) game. Controls W or up arrow to accelerate AD or left/right arrow to steer the car Space to use handbrake


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