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Crazy Roll 3D


About Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D is a new arcade game that you will love! To win this game you will have to be quick and react as soon as possible. You have to keep the ball in the game, collect points and avoid all the obstacles on your way. The aim is to get all the balls of the same color and as you go through them they also change color or shape. Initially, you are given some green balls that can help you get started with your reels. When these green balls run out, you will have to keep rolling the ball by staying away from the other balls and with a limited number of rolls in your meter in each level. You will get more powerful powers as you progress in this game and these will help you a lot. But remember, if you roll too many times on one spot you will have to start from there again! - Keep trying new strategies and earn 3 stars for each of your strategies. Crazy Roll 3D is easy to play but hard to master. You can do it?


How to play Crazy Roll 3D

Controls Press the AD or left and right arrow keys to steer Use the 1, 2, or 3 keys to use power-ups


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