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Cat Car


About Cat Car

Cat Car is a brand new 3D adventure game with cats and cars. You are playing as a cat and you need to drive around the city, pick up the blue balls, avoid the red balls and meet other cats that will give you missions to complete. In this game, your mission is to collect as many blue balls as possible while avoiding the red balls. The more cats you help, the more points you get. You can also compete with your friends to see who can get the most. There are also some hidden cat signs for you to find. Be quick and ready at every corner as this will test your reflexes and accuracy. Now get ready to explore the city with your new companion - a sweet kitten waiting for you in a brand new 3D game called Cat. The cats are so cute, you will love them!


How to play Cat Car

Controls WASD or arrow keys to control your Cat Car Press spacebar to change camera view Press R key to reset to start position


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