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Car Smasher!


About Car Smasher!

Get ready to hit the road! In this arcade game you are an expert car smasher. Your task is very simple: smash as many cars as possible and win points. Car Smasher is a casual game inspired by the famous classic car smash game. In Car Smasher, you have to crash your car into other cars to destroy them. Yes, it sounds crazy but that is the only way to win this game. You will have to play many levels and can unlock new levels by completing different challenges such as destroying a certain number of cars with one hit or finishing the race as quickly as possible. There are 2 bonus rounds after each level that also reward you with some coins. What are you waiting for? Drive your car around and destroy other cars. Don't let them hit you or the game will be over. The faster you go, the more points you get and the more money you earn, so don't be afraid to speed up!


How to play Car Smasher!

Using Mouse


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