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Car Parking Pro


About Car Parking Pro

Car Parking Pro - a perfect parking game for you and your friends! Test your car parking and handling skills in this exciting driving challenge. Drive carefully, look before turning, parallel parking and much more. Don't forget to leave some space for other drivers! - Looking for the perfect place to park. Find the most empty spot on the street or use an open garage if there is one nearby. Try to stay as close to other cars or buildings as possible, and be aware that you need enough space to get out of the car easily. - Next, parallel park using only a small space around the vehicle and almost no space directly in front of the vehicle. - Finally, make sure you can safely exit the vehicle before starting. The levels get progressively harder so that as you master a level you can expect to tackle new challenges. This is also helpful for those of us who have become frustrated trying to improve our skills. Keep playing even if you don't like it because who knows… you might eventually fall in love with it.


How to play Car Parking Pro

Controls Drag left mouse button to draw the roads.


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