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Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn


About Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

If you are like us, you are already tired of old car games. Burninx27 offers something new: a realistic driving simulator where the only limit is your skills. Burninx27 is a free online game, so you can play it in your browser or mobile app on your phone or tablet. Burninx27 is a realistic driving game with elements of the RPG and arcade genres. You need to collect cars, upgrade them and buy new cars to complete missions and missions. Burninx27 offers more than 70 missions in three different stages: Police, Racer and Diver. You can choose from a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars to luxury cars. Gun Rush is a new game mode in Burn Nx and it is quite difficult to master. You will have to master driving and shooting at the same time. So let's get started with the Gun Rush mode guide. Challenges range from simple ones like catching butterflies and shooting stars to ones where you have to destroy office buildings and olympics. If you feel lucky, you can also destroy other cars by using your gun. It will help you earn some points, which can be used to buy new cars as well as upgrade them.


How to play Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn

Controls WASD or arrow keys = steer Z or left-click = fire X or right-click = special Steer in 'Aftertouch' mode to create extreme mayhem and rack up even more cash!


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