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Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby 2022


About Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby 2022

In this video, we will be playing the official game of DEMO 2022: Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby. This is a kart racing game. In this game, you drive your kart through 5 different tracks based on demolition derbies that take place around the world. The race's objective is to finish first by scoring more points than your opponents by destroying as many cars as possible. Each track has a unique look and feel; some tracks have more cars or explosive barrels on them, which adds even more challenges for the driver. In this version, you can choose between 4 different karts with their own specific characteristics like light, medium or heavy.

3D RACING is the new and the most exciting virtual reality game experience. Destroy your opponent by driving into them, pushing them off the track, or riding on top of them. There are many different ways to try and win this crazy race, but how will you do it? Destroy your opponent using every trick you can think of. Try to push them off the track with a flip or a spin as they drive by or jump on their back and ride over them! 

In this demolition derby, you drive as fast as you can through as many opponent cars as possible. Try to get your opponent to damage level 0; at that point, they won’t be able to compete with you in the arena anymore! Use an array of demolition derby-inspired vehicle parts and speed brokers to take out your opponents. 

How to play Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby 2022

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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