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Crash Test Idle


About Crash Test Idle

Are you the type of gamer who loves to watch cars smash into each other in epic high-speed crashes? Well, if so then you are going to love this game. Cannibal Crash Test is a fun and addicting arcade-style racing game where your ultimate objective is to cause as much destruction as possible. The more damage you can cause on the crash-testing vehicles the higher your score will be. You have three lives so use them wisely because crashing too many times will result in you losing lives and hence ending your game prematurely.

A Clicker game is a classic combination of two genres. The first genre is the idle game that you may find in any browser. The second genre is the incremental game, which we see quite often these days. Combining these two genres gives us the Clicker game, and there are many Clicker games out there. 

Today we’ll learn how to crash your car and make it idle. We will use these techniques to bring your game to life and make the player feel like they are in that world. 

How to play Crash Test Idle

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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