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Super Star Car


About Super Star Car

Super Star Car is a Formula-1 racing game with a large selection of cars and many circuits. Start your career as a formula-1 driver and race to the championship!

You are a top-level pro Formula 1 driver and the defending world champion. You have an excellent car, the fastest hands in racing, brilliant equipment, and the awe-inspiring stage of the competition are the Formula 1 Grand Prix - where you show what you're made of. Drive like the pros and earn more stars to improve your racing score! Try to gain as many stars as possible by driving as fast and skillfully as possible. Avoid enemies, collect coins, and upgrade your car with new parts. 

You are a professional racing driver who has just won the Formula 1 World Championship. But, in real life, there are many others who want to race you and your road car. They are called pros, and they all drive expensive cars. 

How to play Super Star Car

Using Mouse and Key board

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