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About Sumplete

In the puzzle game Sumlete, players must eliminate numbers from a grid so that each row and column adds up to a predetermined target number that is shown on the right and bottom edges of the grid. Although there are several digital versions of the game that are accessible online and as mobile apps, the game can also be played on paper.

These are Sumlete's fundamental guidelines:

  • On a grid of numbers, the game is played.
  • On the right and bottom sides of the grid, a target number is shown for each row and column, respectively.
  • The goal is to eliminate numbers from the grid until every row and column adds up to the desired number.
  • Only numbers that are next to another number can be erased (horizontally or vertically).
  • Any remaining numbers in the same row or column will move over to fill the void left by the deletion of a number.
  • When all of the rows and columns add up to the desired totals at once, the game is won.

Sumlete can be played at various levels of difficulty, with bigger grids and tougher targets making it harder. It's an enjoyable and interesting technique to develop logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

How to play Sumplete

Using Mouse

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