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Smart City Driver


About Smart City Driver

You are all invited to have a ton of fun with the game called Smart City Driver, where you will be transported into a city of the future and get to be the driver behind the wheel of an electric car, and try to get as far ahead with it as you can. We always make sure that the best new car driving games online get added to our website for all the boys who visit us constantly in search of them.

Let's learn more about how you accomplish it. You control your automobile on the bridges at each level using the arrow keys. The goal is to conclude each course without causing too much damage to your vehicle since there will be many ups and downs on the road and it is easy for your car to get harmed.

Instead, focus on gathering as many diamonds as possible; they represent your score and doing flips, leaps, and stunts will reward you with additional points. Always strive for perfection and obtain three out of three stars since you will receive one to three stars at the conclusion of each level based on how well you performed.

As only the best of the best are featured, good luck on your future journey, and don't forget to check out all the other fun new vehicle games we have for you!

How to play Smart City Driver

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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