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Pocket Drift


About Pocket Drift

Simple racing game Pocket Drift puts players in control of 5 distinctive automobiles as they go over 5 difficult circuits. In order to win points for the length and style of their drifts, players in this game must purposefully cause their automobiles to lose traction and slide around corners. In spite of having straightforward controls and a top-down, isometric perspective, Pocket Drift remains challenging to master.

In this fantastic time trial racing game, you must complete wacky curved circuits as quickly as you can. Drive your small car around dirt tracks filled with money and attempt to collect them while avoiding hazards in this entertaining game.

Your automobile will accelerate on its own, so all you have to concentrate on is turning and braking when necessary. You may need some time to get used to the curves because you'll be seeing your car from more of a spectator's perspective, but after a few laps, you'll master drifting. Unlock surprise boxes to reveal a variety of additional power-ups, including magnets, currency multipliers, and much more. Playing Pocket Drift is enjoyable.

How to play Pocket Drift

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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