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Hummer Jeep Driving Sim


About Hummer Jeep Driving Sim

Hummer Company is a manufacturer of military vehicles, engines, and other products, which is headquartered in Michigan. Hummer is a name that has become synonymous with off-road vehicles, with its iconic Humvee being the most famous example. The company was founded by David L. Humphreys in 1932 as Humphreys Manufacturing Company to produce diesel engines for mines and bulldozers. It began manufacturing military vehicles in 1942 under the name of General Motors Diesel Division (GMDD). In the early 1950s, GMD began manufacturing automobiles again and the first car it produced was the W1. GMD sold these cars under a brand called Action as well as establishing Daimler Chrysler Plymouth as a subsidiary for this purpose. 

A Hummer driving game where you can drive an H2 to beat other cars, explore different tracks and win the race. Completely free to play, this racing game for Android involves all of your senses as you maneuver through challenging tracks in pursuit of first place. Get behind the wheel of an H2 and take on other Hummers in this driving game for android.

In this game, you are a professional driver and you will participate in 4 different races. You need to master all the driving skills for winning each race. Driving games can be very challenging, so practice makes perfect! Every level is more difficult than the last, but that just means it’ll get easier as you progress through the levels. 

How to play Hummer Jeep Driving Sim

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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