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Demolition Derby Car Game


About Demolition Derby Car Game

Are you a demolition derby fan? Do you love cars? If your answer is yes to both questions then you’ll love this demolition derby car game! In this brain-teasing demolition derby car game, you’ll drive around a track in an attempt to get as many points as possible by performing a variety of tasks. To win the race, you need to reach the finish line first. The more cars that participate in the race, the more difficult it will be for you to win. How to play: Use your mouse to control your vehicle and guide it around the track. Pay attention to avoid obstacles, perform various tasks and win the race. You can also use arrow keys to accelerate, brake, and turn left or right. 

Your goal in the demolition derby car game is to go as fast as you can around the track and break other cars in the race. If you’re good enough, you could win a fabulous prize! However, be careful: if you crash into another vehicle, you’ll take out some of the other players too! Can you become the demolition derby champion? The game features: Play against your friends in 2- or 4-player mode.

Are you a fan of demolition Derbys and adrenaline-pumping arcade car games? If so, look no further! Drive If you love fast cars, high-speed races, and extreme driving action, then you’ll love the demolition derby car game. It’s a 1 player game but the two-player mode is also available. The game's objective is to be the driver with the most points at the end of the race. The first to reach 0 points loses. 

How to play Demolition Derby Car Game

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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