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Crash & Smash Cars


About Crash & Smash Cars

The Race is On! Take to the Track and Smash Other Cars in this 3D Racing Game. Race Against the Clock as Fast as You Can in this 3D Racing Game. Use the Arrow Keys to Drive and the Z, X, C, M, and N Keys to Interact with other Cars. Have Fun! Race against the clock as fast as you can in this challenging three-dimensional racing game! Your task is to drive a specially designed racing car as far as you can without crashing into any other cars or walls. How to play: Simply type in how much time you want to spend on each level; Once you finish a level, that's it - you lose that game. Keep playing until you gain an advantage over your opponents. The faster you race, the more points you'll get for that race. Smash other cars by driving into them from behind or side-on so that they crash into each other; Try not to hit any of the cars ahead of time so that they won't be able to avoid being hit themselves. Use your mouse or arrow keys to drive and the X, C, and M keys to interact with other cars. 

Realistic 3D car racing game simulation. Drive as fast as you can and smash as many cars as possible. The higher your score, the more points you will get. The further you drive, the more balls you will lose until you crash out of the competition. Try to gain as much speed as possible to win races and keep your ball in the air for as long as you can!

It's time to smash some cars! Get ready for a wild fun-filled racing experience where you take control of one of 4 different characters, each with their own special move set. 

How to play Crash & Smash Cars

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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