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Bitlife Online Game


About Bitlife Online Game

What is BitLife?

BitLife, a fantastic creation by Candywriter, is like a virtual life playground tucked away in your mobile phone or computer. Especially, picture it as a game that mirrors real life, where you get to steer a character's journey from infancy to old age.

The fascinating part? Your choices in this digital universe determine the course of your character's life - their job, relationships, and more. Therefore, you will experience countless diverse lives that you decide for yourself.

How to Play BitLife?

Rules of game:

BitLife keeps it simple yet engaging. You will create your own dream life by freely making choices at each stage. However, remember to balance 4 related factors: health, happiness, appearance and intelligence.

Play Process:

You start Bitlife by being born into the game as a baby. Then as you grow up, you face dilemmas and crossroads at each life stage.Your decisions at each juncture shape your character's life.

  • Go to university, work, or join the army
  • Take care of your family, friends and pets relationships
  • Looking for a life partner
  • Personal financial management

Benefits of Playing BitLife:

Playing BitLife is like having your cake and eating it too - it's fun and comes with benefits!

First, Smart Decision Making: BitLife hones your decision-making skills. You'll learn to think ahead and weigh your choices, much like you would in real life.

Secondly, Life Lessons in a Game: It's like a crash course in life without the risks. You can explore various life scenarios, giving you a taste of different paths and their outcomes.

Thirdly, Entertainment Galore: Beyond the lessons, it's incredibly entertaining! The stories are exciting, and the unexpected twists will keep you hooked.