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3D Car Track Racer Alpha


About 3D Car Track Racer Alpha

Get ready to race and dominate the world in this car racing game! Drive authentic, real-world automobiles at high speed through a stunning 3D track. You must complete a set of challenges and reach the finish line first to become the champion. Use your mouse to drive, accelerate/decelerate, accelerate again and make changes on the road map by clicking on spots. Fight with other players from all over the world in online cups and challenge your friends to race for the top spot.

You are a track racer and the owner of your own racing team. Only the best drivers will be chosen to participate in the professional races, but you need to find the best drivers first. Make sure they have the right upgrades for their cars, and then train them properly. There are several different types of racing, including Formula 1, Street Race, and Drift Racing. You can even race against other players in multiplayer mode! 

You are a car racer and your aim is to win every race. Drive your supercar like a pro, upgrade it and prepare for the next race! Race through 25 different tracks in 5 difficult difficulty levels in this original arcade racing game. 

How to play 3D Car Track Racer Alpha

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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